See the (Whole Wide) World with Shay

Hello Vacationers, world travelers and those that just find a joy in moving about our beautiful planet. Whether whimsical or a well thought out trip. Travel can often provide one a much needed break from the mundane and interject a bit of adventure into an otherwise repetitive lifestyle.
Lets back track a step and allow me to properly introduce myself to all my travel junkies out there. My name is Shay Carter my friends call me Sunny, in time I hope you will do the same. Life is truly full of ironies if you had told me even two months ago I’d be writing about vacations and such. I’d have been referring you to one of my several therapist “friends”. Although I do have a penchant for writing and I love visiting new and old places never would have thought to put the two together. That is until my over achieving genius of a cousin Jason Tabron (who as of late tends to forget where he parks quite a bit). Suggested we start a travel agency Amavi Travel Group and volunteered me for this awesome job. He swore under oath that his duties of touring the cruises and resorts visiting our client partners is true sacrifice and a really hard difficult and joyless undertaking that he….no lie said “ill take this one for the team”. Geez am I glad, or god forbid I may be blogging under a palm tree on an island painfully forcing down a 4th or 5th of those little drinks with the umbrellas. Jason well all in all he is such a swell guy. I’m getting worked up and understandably so he basically gave me all you awesome people to deal with think Ill need a quick break be right back.
(After I return from hiding Jason’s Car in an adjacent parking lot for the third time this week)
So as I was saying Jason and I work together at our very own travel agency Amavi Travel Group (shameless plug with a link to our very own Amavi Travel Group website). We are self proclaimed entertainment for a somewhat brooding travel industry. Our team of the most unique individuals tends to play out like a A&E reality show sans the rich mean wives. We shouldn’t even call it a travel agency it’s more like a New Years Eve party that didn’t start or end on time. The personalities that are packed in this office are borderline insane and we as a family we are completely dysfunctional and probably incapable for much of what seems routine.

Yet much like the components that make up the monolithic Voltron assembled from 80’s cartoon fame. When we come together under the auspicious of travel we become a well oiled effective efficient ass sexy machine that delivers quantifiable results. That are only measurable in the amount of pictures and videos we receive of our clients thanking us for first getting them out of that jail south of the border but mostly just arranging such a memorable experience that will play out as family reunion and water cooler chatter until the next great adventure creates other equally as embarrassing memories. So toast a new age of travel and the company that provides you an heralded perspective of its enigmatic future! Amavi Travel Group I look forward over a time to introducing you to the personalities that define our team and as we transition into the video medium you will absolutely get to see the deviants that are Amavi Travel Group.

That being said about one third of our population will leave their homes and venture out of their proverbial comfort zones to embark on an adventure that may include danger and extreme excitement or maybe just a quiet cruise with an old friend there are so many different scenarios to run through and everyones taste is different. Amavi Travel Group takes pleasure in exploring all that for you putting it in one of our signature gold foil attaches and hand delivering your fun and excitement directly to you.

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